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Which is a fancy way of saying deepfakes that make like historical figures will probably be trying to sell you pizza soon enough, as industry watchers have presciently warned. Using sophisticated AI, Synthesia creates lifelike digital avatars that read any script you give them, making creating professional looking videos a breeze, no matter what your budget. Both features make it possible to do more intelligent content creation and strategy.

Yet certain repeatable principles and tactics do exist that, if systematized, can meaningfully improve a sales team’s performance. The interesting question—for Lilt and for the entire industry—is whether and how quickly the humans in the loop can be phased out in the years ahead. Search has been dominated by a single player for so long that it is often seen as an unpromising or even irrelevant category for startups. While a cloned celebrity might just sound like a bit of fun, there is huge potential for misuse and abuse via individual voice cloning — from phishing scams and identity theft to emotional manipulation and blackmail. The specific driver for its investment in Aflorithmic is a plan to blend synthesized voice with video to let fans engage in “immersive” video chats with simulated versions of their favorite celebrities.

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The company, which boasts a mission to eventually create machines that surpass human intelligence, has backing from tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. By fusing problem solving, learning and memory technologies together, the company builds systems that learn and adapt without human assistance. AEye builds the vision algorithms, software and hardware that ultimately become the eyes of autonomous vehicles.

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On the other hand, deepAlliance is a partnership solution that allows airline companies to extend their brand offerings to their partners’ networks such as travel insurance companies. It uses AI-driven retailing and smart contracts to monetize partnerships and grow revenue while improving customer satisfaction. US-based startup Globaleur provides an AI-driven trip planning and optimization solution.

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The company is building for both business use and academia, with a focus on the latter. A startup that is building an AI-driven customer service platform that automates phone support for tens of thousands of its customers. The app uses machine learning to analyze employee behavior at work and at home, and then gives employees a set of actions they can take to improve their health and productivity.

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Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Canada ( .

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In a different corner of the healthcare universe, Infinitus is another fast-growing startup to keep an eye on. Infinitus offers voice AI technology—what the company has termed “VoiceRPA”—to automate routine phone calls for providers, insurers and pharmacies. Infinitus’ product is directly comparable to players like Replicant and AI Rudder, discussed above in the “Conversational Voice Assistants” section, except that it is built specifically for healthcare. The company raised a Series A and a Series B in quick succession last year from top venture capitalists.

A startup that provides data-driven content on various topics like health and fitness, travel, food, and fashion.

The smart technology detects distracted driving, coaches drivers on safety and alerts them to risks ahead. Shield AI’s “Hivemind,” an AI pilot for drones and other aircraft, has been deployed since 2018. GPS and communications aren’t necessary as the technology’s sensors map the battlefield so that it can react in real time to accomplish various missions. Nate operates an AI-powered app that incorporates products from websites across the internet and makes them available for purchase in one convenient location. The nate app allows users to consolidate their favorite items into lists on their nate dashboard and click a button to purchase while the AI handles all checkout and shipping steps on its own.

Additionally, Rivi predicts the flight prices for any given route based on historical data, enabling travelers to plan their trip budget better. DataRobot provides data scientists with a platform for building and deploying machine learning models. The software helps companies solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data.

The company’s namesake product lets users identify songs and answer music-based queries in addition to searching and playing music. Next IT, a Verint company, develops conversational AI that answers complex questions for businesses and enhances customer experiences. From financial and insurance needs to travel and healthcare, the intelligent products perform duties and answer questions for tech support, billing, scheduling, purchases and policy information. is the creator of H2O, an open source platform for data science and machine learning utilized by thousands of organizations worldwide. supplies companies in a variety of industries with predictive analytics and ML tools that aid in solving business challenges.

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The 19 Most Promising Advertising and Marketing Tech Startups of 2022, According to VCs.

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Some forms of writing—brief formulaic content like marketing copy or social media posts—will yield more naturally to these new AI tools than will others. Original, analytical, creative work—say, op-eds, aidriven audio startup gives to thought pieces or investigative journalism—will resist automation for the time being. Founded in 2009, Grammarly has admirably remained abreast of the latest NLP technologies over the years.