The Youthful Exuberance, A Period Of Mixed Opportunities

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference (Aristotle).

The youthful stage is like the stem of a plant which provides support and the elevation of leaves, flowers and fruits, keeps the leaves in light and provide a place for the plant to keep its flowers and fruits, and also provision of nutrients. This is applicable in human lives. The youthful stage is the stage where we have the energy to provide and elevate the future, and harvest the fruits of our labour. A strong and well built youthful stage serves as the lamp that illuminate the future and provide a resting place for you.

The youthful stage is very lively and full of enthusiasm. It is the stage one has to be mindful and careful in their decision and choices. It is the stage you should look into the future with a circumspective eyes .

This is because Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth (Yoruba proverb)

Unfortunately, the youth today have engaged themselves in so many things which wouldn’t help them some years to come. Instead of investing in things that will payback in the future, they rather spend on things that has short term benefits.

Society is dynamic and things keep changing, but it is the individual choices that makes the difference. And the choices today can make or mar the future happiness.

What do we see among the youths today—fanciful lifeclasss, drinking to stupor across the streets and razzmatazzing up hill and down dale, hobnobbing with friends at big beer bars and restaurants. They feel if they do not take part in all these stuffs, they will be tag as “anti-so” and a primitive person who “doesn’t know the world” About two-thirds of the youth are into drinking and smoking. There are some people who cannot sit a day without drinking or smoking or even thinking about sex.

Most of the youth today don’t know where they are heading to because they are following the crowd, doing what the majority is doing and going where the majority is going. Their thought is limited and confined.

What will one gain in changing women? Just some few seconds or minutes of lustful pleasure. It’s funny how some guys do not feel ashame but rather pride themselves with the number of ladies they have had sexual intercourse with as if they were given medals after each successful sex. Some too have taken it as an achievement and anytime they have sex with a different girl, they add to their number of women they have slept with.

It’s a pity and unimaginable, that a guy/Lady take a video of themselves during sex or send nude pictures to their lover, and should the video or picture leaks, it jeopardize his/her future and kill their ambition.

Instead of investing their little amount and energy into the future, they languish in luxurious lifeclasss. And tomorrow when their life become miserable, they have someone to blame. Meanwhile it was an opportunity they missed some years back that has led to their doom. The youthful stage can be very interesting but old age can be messy.

As a young man, look for a visionary woman who will support and carry you on not those parasitic ladies who would reduce you to a zero, and when the money gets squandered, they vamoose.

One lesson I learnt from a lecturer is the one he said chasing a woman’s curve will curve your destiny. They waste their time following boobs, butts and curves. They follow those who have no idea what their future is even about. In future, you would realize that, during the time of planting and watering, you were busy chasing the wind and therefore have nothing good to reap than succumb to hunger and begging.

You can’t have every sweet thing and you are not the only beautiful thing on earth. You can’t marry or sleep with all the ladies that come your way. You will meet charming ladies everyday with the help of technology ( makeups and other forms of body domestication). But in future, you would realized that you could have saved more if you were self disciplined and had control over yourself. You would realized you saved your time and avoided STDs.

For the ladies, most of them do not question and find out the intensity of a guy’s love. Some are so naive, and are easily convinced and manipulated. Those people usually follow a guy like a deer prancing into a trap, and follow him like a sheep on the way to be slaughtered without knowing that her life is in danger. And when unwanted pregnancy occur, they become frustrated. Don’t let your negligence affect the happiness of your children in the future. If you do not make good use of today, it means your tomorrow is dead. Life is not about a time to come when you are irresponsible today and think you will become a responsible person tomorrow. You can have fun today and be stupid tomorrow. Is always a mixed opportunities: ones that eventually make you a better person and the ones that will make you a miserable person.

You don’t need to be million rich before you think about the future, and you don’t need to reach old age before you realize your mistakes. You can apprehend that complex situation ahead of time; and that is now or never.

We need to face realities today by asking interesting questions about the future!

How will the future look like? Is there any plans I can put in place to apprehend the complexity of the future?

Why should I think about the future? You can answer these questions by challenging the status quo and leading a meaningful moral lives.

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age (Sophia Loren).

Deception plagues the lives of the youth today and has been the major cause of death among the youth though hard to substantiate. Usually, when a guy meets a lady they promise them marriage because that is what is pleasant to ladies ears. Meanwhile they have their hidden motives that they want to achieve. And after exploiting her, he dump her. Curse usually becomes the payback.

Proverbs 26:2 says curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them. Man has always been a major contributor to his death out of his own pleasures and desires.

We will all grow old oneday, should we be blessed enough to do so. There may come a time when we cannot do what we are doing today nor go where we have been going today. This is why a concrete foundation for the future is very important. Should we build it while we are young, it will remain standing into our older years, and we will be joyful and grateful to our God in heart.

The fallacy of the youthful exuberance is that they fail to understand that, mostly, they enjoy life at the expense of their parents hard earnings. The flashy I-phones, expensive jeans,laptops, etc. I am not and will not say don’t have fun, but don’t lose sight of the “youthful exuberance”. No objections to have fun but draining your parent’s pocket to buy those things is what you should think of because oneday the chicken will come back home to roost. Focus on things constructive for your betterment. I mean how it will benefit your future. If you do not grow in your youth, when will you grow?

The youths are being manipulated by technological thinking and modern fallacies. But they grow to see that, most of their decisions were just silly mistakes that were avoidable.

Psalms 144:12 That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace.


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