Money Management

We give help & hope to people with money problems in the local community

Our Mission

To educate and create better awareness of money and debt management and to eradicate the continuous increase in debt in our society.
To empower people in the society, by offering guidance, to help them understand their options, and to empower them to make informed decisions with a view to improving their financial well-being.

To provide financial education to young persons from the ages of 11 and 25 years.

Our Goal

 Our goal is to help you deal with your immediate financial difficulties & equip you with the tools to stay out of debt.

Our Work

We provide support and guidance on general financial/money management. This is undertaking through:

Seminars, mentoring, blogs, videos, and virtual training.

We provide training through collaboration with various organization.



We all have money and use it in various ways. I don’t believe anyone would deliberately waste his or her money. To be disciplined is to train oneself to obey rules or codes of behaviour. To discipline yourself is to CONSISTENTLY behave in a certain manner or do certain things to achieve a certain goal. We all know that athletes train themselves to achieve the goal of winning medals and being the best at what they do……

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What they say about us

I came to Excelling forum in a financial mess.  I had gotten myself into serious credit card debt and worry about my debt was preventing me from moving forward in my new business; they provided a simple income and expenditure form for me to fill in then, using this, they helped me to take a realistic view of my financial situation.
Contacting my creditors became a simple process using a letter template. Excelling project understanding and non-judgemental manner helped me to stop hiding from my financial problems and deal with them in a realistic way.


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Excelling Community is a registered charity in the UK & Northern Ireland. Charity no: 1168692

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