Youth Excelling

According to the most recent Youth and Money survey conducted recently, the knowledge of money management is not reflected in the behaviours and attitude of today’s youth.  The study also indicated that the misconception of money and its management could hurt youth financially in the future, if not at the present as well. Our aim is:

  • To teach youth and young adults God’s design and purpose for money in their lives.
  • To provide information that will allow youth and young adults to become better managers of the money entrusted to them.
  • To teach principles of money management and wealth creation evidenced by cutting spending, avoiding and/or reducing debt, and establishing and investment and savings plan.
  • To help youth and young adults establish a “sound mind” in regards to money and have a proper relationship with money.
  • It is never too early to begin to start taking responsibility for your financial future.

Services provided

  • Education and training

  • Mentoring

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Programmes and events

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