Women Excelling

Who are Women Excelling?

  • Women are strong and capable of taking various roles in the society but often, they are not able to use their capabilities and strength in the way they would benefit their families and community.
  • The key objective is to empower women to see women doing well by providing them with the tools for success; most especially in the area of debt and money in order to be able to make positive impact in their environment.
  • Women account for nearly 50 per cent of all insolvencies in England and Wales for the first time in history.
  • Experts say they fear it is proof that women have paid the biggest price for the recession, with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs.
  • More than one million women in Britain are unemployed, with numbers growing by around 500 a day, amid warnings of worse to come. Many women who do have a job are frustrated because they have been forced into part-time work, which is typically badly paid.
  • Women on a lower wage and more family responsibility find it more difficult to get out of debt. There is currently This intense demand and pressure on women resulted in the birth of¬†Women Excelling.
  • Women Excelling aim to provide information and awareness in dealing with debt, money and its complexity, to enable each individual to take control of their life (e.g. strengthening their personal relationship, Boosting women entrepreneurship, Expand their career horizon, bridging career breaks and making sensible retirement decisions). We would help in boosting confidence and make them feel comfortable enough to make the best decision concerning their finances.

Services provided

Excelling Community is an independent charitable organisation with the aim to provide an excellent money and debt advice to the local community. Our vision is to give help and hope to people with money problems in the local community, especially women and youth and to provide money education to try to prevent problems arising in the near future.

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